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Thanks for stocking seneye, on this page we aim to bring you the latest marketing materials. For live updates please follow us on twitter or facebook by clicking on the links on the footer of this page.


The new seneye brochure helps you understand more about seneye, why customers should use it and other usefull information.

Seneye Retail 2013




seneye retail brochure




Sales Brochure



seneye sales brochure


Click the image above to download the high quality pdf brochure.

New to download. The below links will take you to the Point of Sale flyers, perfect for showing the end user what the seneye can do for them.
Below is a list of languages, with a online and print ready version for you to use:

Retail Advert 1

Download English 72dpi screen version
Download English 300dpi print version

Download Swedish 72dpi screen version
Download Swedish 300dpi print version

Download Spanish 72dpi screen version
Download Spanish 300dpi print version

Download Greek 72dpi screen version
Download Greek 300dpi print version

Download Dutch 72dpi screen version
Download Dutch 300dpi print version

Download Russian 72dpi screen version
Download Russian 300dpi print version

Download Portugese 72dpi screen version
Download Portugese 300dpi print version

Download German 72dpi screen version
Download German 300dpi print version

Download Chinese 72dpi screen version
Download Chinese 300dpi print version

Download Italian 72dpi screen version
Download Italian 300dpi print version

Download French 72dpi screen version
Download French 300dpi print version

The following images can be clicked on to download to provide print ready adverts or posters for in store use. Come back here regularly to see updated versions:


Retail Advert 1





seneye pond 'safe water?' poster

Retail Advert 2





seneye pond 'protect your investment' poster

Retail Advert 3





seneye reef 'safe water' poster

Retail Advert 4





seneye reef 'monitor loved ones anywhere in the world' poster

Retail Advert 5





seneye home 'safe water?' poster

Seneye videos for instore use.

why not visit are vimeo and download our promotional videos for instore use.

Also avaliable :

POS packs are avalable from your distributor.

Demo devices and working devices are avaliable for instore use in qualifying stores.

Any questions please contact us on [email protected]