• join us in the water sensing revolution

    The seneye device is revolutionising keeping fish by allowing dramatically reduced fish death. The seneye allows fish keepers to truly understand what happens inside their aquarium or pond by monitoring the harmful parameters which aren’t detectable to the human eye. A seneye device dramatically improves the frequency, accuracy, sensitivity, and robustness of water sensing to ensure that aquatic life does not just survive, but thrive!

  • why seneye?

    Gladly the days when fish were simply viewed as disposable objects are long gone; things are progressing and we continue to see positive changes in ethics and laws protecting animals. At seneye we believe that too many fish are needlessly lost in captivity and that through technology and knowledge these can be greatly reduced. Fishkeepers often enter a cycle of failure, especially in new, but all too frequently in mature aquaria as well.  Without any real way of telling what has been happening it quickly becomes confusing but with a seneye device there is a way of understanding what is happening.

  • what are seneye devices?

    seneye devices are a range of ultra-small intelligent water monitoring device that continuously test key life-critical parameters in aquariums or ponds. The seneye range is available in three variants, seneye Home, Pond and Reef. These seneye devices are the world’s 1st mini submersible water monitoring products which allow simple yet accurate measurements of key life-critical water parameters, alerting the owner before conditions become toxic. The seneye devices are powered by USB and when connected to a PC allows for continuous display of the water conditions in a pond or aquarium.

  • cloud

    A revolution in aquatic water monitoring, the seneye cloud seamlessly allows you to view the results from your seneye device on any internet enabled product. Your readings can be automatically uploaded using a variety of connection and then viewed where ever you are.

  • seneye+

    The seneye+ includes the disposable seneye slide, e-mail alerts, sms alerts, automatic online graphing, and personalised advice.  Replacing and activating the slide takes a minute and then the your device will take readings for pH and ammonia.

  • dashboard

    Easily view all your readings online from any location and instantly see if they are OK. Simply log on to your personalised online dashboard to see graphs of your readings as well as predictions on if there is going to be a problem in the future.

  • accessories


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  • localstore

    local stores

    Buy your seneye device at your favourite aquatic store. If they don’t stock it yet ask them to order it in for you.

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  • onlineshop

    shop online

    Order your seneye online and have it delivered directly to your door.

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